Store Employees Wearing Shark Heads Dance To 'Baby Shark'

Warning– This song is super catchy! Check out these store employees as they hilariously create a dance number to the “Baby Shark” song. Many of us are already familiar with the popular song taking social media by storm, but these stores employees took the song to whole new level!

Perhaps it was just too tempting seeing a stock-bin full of plushy shark heads, but one of the employees got the bright idea and knew how to put these large, toothy, plush-heads to good use! When the songs begins we see only an empty aisle within the toy section of the store. Then the oh-so-familiar song begins to play the theme for “Baby Shark”. Out pops the first employee (short in stature) complete with a hilarious grinning, plush, shark mask over her head, doing the “pinching” motion with her hands for “Baby” shark. The silly processional continues with each character of the song represented all the way up to Grandpa Shark.

SPOILER ALERT: Grandpa Shark is actually represented by a Sponge Bob mask instead of a shark mask.

With the hilariously choreographed song complete, the video ends with the “run-away phrase”. We couldn’t help hitting replay and laughing one more time at their silly antics! Of course, we are all now stuck with that song on repeat in our heads!

Store #554 We Challenge All stores in Market 88 to do the baby shark challenge Have Fun !!!!

Posted by Walmart Laredo - San Bernardo Ave on Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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