Brother Comforts His Sister After She's Hit With A Basketball

Brother Comforts His Sister After She's Hit With A Basketball

These parents are raising their kids right! Watch as this sweet brother comforts his sister after she’s hit with a basketball. He then helps her make the failed basket attempt into a successful one.

This cute little video clip shows us a great role model example for big brothers everywhere. Sure there will be times when brothers and sisters don’t get along, but thankfully this little interaction was caught on video to show us all how nurturing actions can heal rather quickly.

The little girl is trying with all her might to reach up and place the basketball in the hoop, just like big brother does! Her first valiant attempt fails as the heavy ball rolls back falling painfully onto her nose. Naturally, it was painful and she began crying from the shocking experience and frustration at having not made the basket. That’s when her amazing big brother jumps into action consoling his injured teammate with sweet sibling hugs and kisses to her face. He even takes on the role of coach and tells her “It’s ok, you’re strong!”

After a few more hugs and kisses for comfort the helpful brother gives his petite sister the ball then proceeds to pick her up towards the basket! His thoughtful actions not only helped her make the basket, but helped to dry her tears. A smile returns to her face amongst the cheers from her accomplishment, all thanks to a very thoughtful care-giving little man.

These two have such a great bond! We pray their relationship as siblings continues down this path throughout the years! Remember when life hits you in the nose, “It’s ok, you’re strong!” Don’t give up!

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