The Seventh-Day Sabbath Sought Out And Celebrated

The Seventh-Day Sabbath Sought Out And Celebrated

A Book Written By Thomas Tillam

Originally published in 1657, “The Seventh-Day Sabbath Sought Out And Celebrated” has been out of print for more than 350 years. Wilderness Publications has reprinted this important historical work for the benefit of all Christians.

Thomas Tillam was a prominent preacher at Hexham, north of London. His vigorous exhortations, usually based on graphic adaptations of Revelation, brought scores of people to baptism by immersion. By 1655 Tillam had moved to Colchester. About a year later, Tillam began holding services in the parish church on Saturdays. He closed it on Sundays, and urged people to carry on with their business as usual. This brought him into conflict with the authorities, who put him into Colchester Castle Prison.

Whilst he was in prison, Tillam wrote this book in answer to a pamphlet by William Aspinwall, a leading Fifth Monarchist. Of great historical significance is the fact that Tillam was one of the first authors to identify the Mark of the Beast as being its change of the Seventh-day Sabbath to Sunday.

Using graphic and eloquent language throughout this treatise, pointing his readers back at times to the original Hebrew and Greek languages, Thomas Tillam explains that the final great controversy in these very last days will be between the Saints and the Man of Sin over the Seventh-day Sabbath.

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