Couple Shares The Beauty Of Adoption In Video

Couple Shares The Beauty Of Adoption In Video

Matt and Katie always wanted to have a family, but when that hope didn’t take shape the way they expected, this sweet couple turned to adoption. So they trusted in the Lord and waited for someone to give them the opportunity to have a child.

Finally, a selfless mother chose them and then Matt got the call at work that their baby girl had been born. That's when he rushed over to tell Katie and emotions took hold of both of them. We then get to see them meet their little girl, Natalie Grey, for the very first time, and it's even more emotional than you can imagine. It's so touching to watch as they take her home and surprise their friends and family with their new bundle of joy.

From the first time they lay eyes on her you can see the love and hope and relief in their eyes. And seeing the reactions of their friends and family makes you absolutely certain that this little girl is so very loved.

This video was beautiful enough, but when you hear the vows that these parents share with their baby girl it becomes even sweeter. They promise to always love and protect her and to grow her in the love of the Lord. May God bless this incredible family!

The Beauty Of Adoption

The beauty of adoption, this is so wonderful ❤️👨‍👩‍👧 Genesis Media Solutions

Posted by LADbible on Tuesday, November 21, 2017