Piano Controls Over 500,000 Christmas Lights

The Piano Guys never fail to give us the most beautiful musical compositions. The way they combine their instruments to create such an amazing sound is truly awe-inspiring. Today, these talented gentlemen are getting in the Christmas spirit in a big way.

Just watch as they use the 88 keys on the piano to control over 500,000 Christmas lights. Set to the tune of 'I Saw Three Ships' this incredible performance is one you have to see to believe. Somehow, they've connected the keys to the lights and it results in the most amazing Christmas light show. With over half a million lights, this is definitely a performance that you don't want to miss. There are so many details that go into this video that I had to watch it more than once.

I can't imagine the time and energy that it took to pull this whole thing off but it turned out fantastic. This definitely put me in the holiday mood and I hope you feel the same way. What do you think of The Piano Guys and their skills?

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