Newborn Smiles At Dad's Kisses

Newborn Smiles At Dad's Kisses

There's truly nothing sweeter than watching the relationship between a parent and their child. This father is learning this fact first hand as he holds on to his precious baby. Just watch as this dad softly kisses the baby's forehead. As soon as Daddy moves away, this adorable baby breaks out into the sweetest grin.

Even though this infant may be young, it's obvious that they already know who their father is. It's clips like this that completely make my heart melt into pieces. I think back to the days when I first held my child and all of the emotions that played out in those first few days.

This was definitely a special moment for this father and I'm so glad that this entire smile was caught on camera to cherish for years to come. Who else wiped away a tear or two with this one?

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