Broadway Star Pulls Stranger On Stage For 'A Whole New World' Duet

Broadway Star Pulls Stranger On Stage For 'A Whole New World' Duet

We all grew up watching Walt Disney movies. These classic films such as Snow White, Cinderella and Aladdin have all stood the test of time and become family favorites for people all over the world. And the songs that came from each of these films might be even more popular.

I can remember running around my living room and belting out the words to every Disney song over and over again. One of the most iconic songs is ‘A Whole New World’ from the film Aladdin. The original performers, Lea Salonga and Brad Kane, made the song famous but countless artists throughout the years have covered it. Lea voiced Princess Jasmine in the film and also lended her vocals to each song.

Today, this popular singer is performing at the De Jong Concert Hall and she decided to sing the classic tune. But with Brad Kane nowhere to be found, Lea needed a male voice to complete the duet. That’s when she looked into the audience and selected a random stranger. Little did she know that Jared Young, the man from the audience, had some incredible ties to Aladdin.

Years ago, he auditioned for the role of Aladdin at Disney’s California Adventure. He was able to make the final cuts for two years in a row, but the role ultimately went to someone else. Now, he’s finally getting his chance to live out his dream on stage and it stunned the entire crowd. Even Lea was impressed with his talented voice and this duet was pulled off perfectly. This is definitely a moment that Jared will never forget.

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