Deadly protests unfold on 3 continents; Rouhani says Jerusalem should be liberated (SCWU #481)

Date: February 20, 2014

By: Daniel Whyte III

Description: 1. According to CNN, dramatic scenes are unfolding during anti-government protests in three disparate countries this week, on three different continents. The images are striking, and things are heating up quickly. In Ukraine, long-simmering tensions exploded this week as clashes between police and anti-government protesters left more than 25 people dead and the capital's central square on fire. In Venezuela, demonstrations over better security, an end to goods shortages, and protected freedom of speech drew global attention as four people were killed. In Thailand, deadly violence erupted in the heart of Bangkok on Tuesday as anti-government protesters clashed with police, leaving 5 people dead and dozens of others injured.

2. According to Israel National News, Iran’s President, Hassan Rouhani, said on Wednesday that Jerusalem should “be liberated from the yoke of Israel.” The comments were made during a meeting in Tehran between Rouhani and the Speaker or the Palestinian Authority (PA) parliament, Salim Zanoun, and were reported by the semi-official Fars news agency. During the meeting, according to Fars, Rouhani expressed the support of the Iranian government and nation “for the oppressed people of Palestine”, and said, "One of the wishes of the Iranian nation is liberation of the Holy City."

3. According to Israel Hayom, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Tuesday that Israel should aim to bring in 3.5

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