The Christmas Truce - Part 1 of 6

(The play begins with Herbert Asquith's speech to Parliament, declaring war on Germany in 1914. If you would like to skip to the trenches, go to 4:44)

A young poet, fresh to the front, recounts the miraculous events of Christmas, 1914, in which Christ revealed His dominion and love by commanding the nations, " still, and know that I am God."

Blood and Peace is based on a collection of authentic accounts written by the soldiers who experienced the miracle of the Christmas Truce, 1914. While the persons are fictionalized, the setting, the history and much of the dialogue remains in direct quotation of the variety of literary sources used in researching the event.

Produced by Vista Hills Church
Etched In Red Arts LLC
Copyright, 2010. All rights reserved.
Script available.

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