Arabic Orthodox Chant - Holy Friday

Taking down of Jesus from the Cross -

Glory to the Father, and the Son, and the Holy
Spirit both now and ever and unto ages of
ages. Amen

Thou who art clothed with light as a garment,
when Joseph together with Nicodemus took
Thee down from the Tree and he gazed
upon Thee dead, naked and unburied, and
in grief and mourning he lamented:
Woe is me, my sweetest Jesus! A short while
ago, the sun beheld Thee hanging on the
Cross and it shrouded itself in darkness. The
earth quaked in fear. The veil of the temple
was torn. Now I see Thee willingly submitting
to death for my sake. How shall I bury Thee,
O my God? How can I wrap Thee with
windings sheets? How can I touch Thy most
pure body with my hands? What songs shall
I hymn thy departure, O compassionate one?
I magnify Thy Passion. I glorify Thy Burial
and Thy Holy Resurrection, crying:
O Lord, Glory to Thee!

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