Raquel Carlson - Wake Us Up

Raquel Carlson - Wake Us Up

I'm a member of the listening board for the SongDiscovery sampler CD that comes with Worship Leader magazine. I get to vote on which songs make it on to the CD. I definitely voted for this one, which is on Volume 116. I'll put in a plug here for SongDiscovery and Worship Leader magazine. If you're looking for some fresh worship music by non-mainstream artists, SongDiscovery is the place to be.

Anyway, this is a song written by Raquel Carlson and Chris Clayton called "Wake Us Up", from Raquel's EP "Come Alive". The lyrics inspired me to make this video. Very easy to learn, very easy for a congregation to sing. A song of revival and renewal. Thank you Raquel and Chris for an inspiring song.

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