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How to Understand the Baptism Of The Holy Spirit and Begin Practicing the Presence of God!

Practicing the presence of God is one of the most incredible feelings you can have. As we grow closer to God, He grows closer to us! The manifest presence of God lives in you, but also…

You can tangibly feel God’s presence in the times that He comes upon us. When you read Acts 2, you’ll see what it looks like when God’s manifest presence shows up as the baptism of the Holy Spirit. People start speaking a heavenly language, lose their fear, and they start saying things that are beyond their own ability.

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Practicing the presence is really about letting Him completely overtake you and out of that will come a supernatural lifestyle. Let His presence rest upon Him.

The key is to know the ways of God instead of just the acts of God. This takes tremendous trust in Him and His Holy Spirit. But, as we let the Holy Spirit baptize us, the presence of God on us and around us can change the atmosphere.

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