Speaking to the Need

Speaking to the Need

Following Christ Jesus
NCAA tournament broadcasters stated that tournament being held on Monday and not Sunday because Sunday is the "Lord's Day"

Even in sports the Gospel goes forward and people talk about the Lord

In 1910 approximately 1/3 of population affirms that they are Christians

We celebrate Christ Jesus because of his popularity
• People attended the Baptism of John and John referenced Christ Jesus
• Jesus entered the synagogue and preached and taught and healed all manner of people

Why did the people follow Jesus Christ
• Not because He only preached the Gospel of "Love" "Wealth" or "Prosperity"
• Not because He was afraid to confront people and call out their sin
• Not because He tried to make people feel good

President of US dismissed the "obscure" scripture that Paul wrote; but that he followed the Beatitudes in Matthew Chp 5 -7
• Christ did not make life easier for the believer
• Love your enemies he commanded;
• Do good to them that despitefully use you
• A lustful look is equal to committing the sin
• Not easy following the commandments of Christ Jesus
• Divorce and remarry means you committed adultery
• Christ's commands were tougher than the law because the law is external and what you get caught doing vs what is on the inside, in your thoughts and heart
• Call a person a fool your are in danger of hell's fire - watch what you say
• Jesus did not give just a "feel good" message
• Better to pluck out an eye and enter heaven halt and maim

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