Sounds Like Home To Me [BMI]

A few weeks before my Grandmother died [Maternal], she sat up in bed while very ill and said... 'They're calling me'. She was referring to my Mother and Uncle, who had died a few months before. After my 2nd sister died, I was thinking about the others who had passed away...Mom, Dad, Brother, and sister. This song was written as I meditated on the 'sounds of home', to me--laughter, greetings, hugs, and constant chatter. The pictures in the powerpoint are old, because Mama died in 1977, and Daddy died in 1982. Cherish your times with your close attention to the 'sounds'...someday, the 'sounds' replaying in your mind are all that is left of 'home'. Thankfully, those I've lost are in heaven... 'I am waiting to join them'.

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