Christians flee Pakistan amid rising extremism (Second Coming Watch Update #201)

Released: August 21, 2012 By: Daniel Whyte III

Christians flee Pakistan amid rising extremism. According to Pakistan Christian Post, in several instances infuriated mobs have attacked Christian communities over alleged blasphemy accusations. Houses were ransacked or burned and in one incident eight Christians were burned to death. On July 30th, nine Christian nurses in Karachi were given poisoned tea to avenge their eating and drinking during Ramadan. No arrests were made after this incident. Neighboring India has offered long-term visas to those fleeing Pakistan.

Gunmen in Nigeria attack a school, church, and police station. According to The Daily Star, gunmen in Nigeria's troubled northeast blew up part of a primary school then attacked a Catholic church and police station before officers fought them off. After the blast at the school, which destroyed part of the building, officers deployed around the city, and intercepted the militants as they tried to storm the church and the police station early Monday. A police spokesman reported no casualties from the three attacks.

An earthquake strikes Indonesia damaging dozens of houses. According to Reuters, a magnitude 6.6 earthquake struck 35 miles southeast of Palu on the Indonesian island of Sula-wesi injuring a child and damaging at least 48 houses just as residents were breaking the Ramadan fast. In Indonesia's Aceh province four people died in a flash flood. There was no tsunami potential...

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