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  • Somebody Prayed For MeSomebody Prayed For Me
    Somebody Prayed for Me is a book by authors: Allyson M. Deese, Linda R. Herman and Tinisha Nicole Johnson. This book consists of inspiration stories about various issues and problems that go on in the world today. Visit us at our website: www.some...tinisha12008-06-26T00:00:002,892 views00:02:46
  • Searchable WhereaboutsSearchable Whereabouts
    Searchable whereabouts is a mystery novel about a woman who's trying to unravel the mysterious death of her beloved uncle. Available now to order on Amazon.com. Visit the author: Tinisha Nicole Johnson on her website: www.tinishanicolejohnson.comtinisha12008-06-17T00:00:002,382 views00:02:16