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  • The Destroyer and the RaptureThe Destroyer and the Rapture
    The greatest argument in favor of a pre Tribulation Rapture is the total absence of the Antichrist on the international scene.
    If the Church was not the restrainer, then WHERE, WHERE, WHERE IS THE ANTICHRIST? Jesus said that the Gates of Hell (...
    senteami2011-03-29T14:17:50864 views00:10:31
  • Bears and the RaptureBears and the Rapture
    The last human empire under Satanic rule will have bear feet. (Revelation 13:2). Bear symbolism has a lot to say about the coming Pre Tribulation Rapture and our End TImes!senteami2011-03-27T16:02:30553 views00:09:25
  • Cars and the RaptureCars and the Rapture
    Elijah was raptured in a chariot of fire: the "cars" of yesterday"!
    How God is giving us many signs in our End Times; how God uses cars to tell us about the coming Rapture!
    senteami2011-03-24T20:29:22468 views00:07:29
  • Thunderstorms and the RaptureThunderstorms and the Rapture
    Thunderstorms, rains, lightning, and other floods and their encoding with 9/11 and therefore to the Rapture and the ENSUING 7-YEAR TRIBULATION (yes! Seven years, counted to the day!)senteami2011-03-24T16:27:35381 views00:08:07
  • Planes and the RapturePlanes and the Rapture
    How God is showing us many Rapture signs involving planes. Remember He is the Creator, and therefore expect variety; expect "IMAGE-INATION" ;-)senteami2011-03-24T15:52:32306 views00:06:31
  • The Norway Spiral and the RaptureThe Norway Spiral and the Rapture
    Music : "Including me in" by Dominic Tremblay (Thief1337) @ Why I believe the Norway Spiral is another "Sign in the heaven...senteami2011-03-24T15:22:36477 views00:07:56
  • The False Peace Sign and the RaptureThe False Peace Sign and the Rapture
    The increasing popularity of TATTOOS and of the false peace sign are announcing the "Mother of all tattoos": the Mark of the Beast, presented by the Antichrist, the "False Man of Peace". The codes God gives us seem to indicate that the Antichrist ...senteami2011-03-24T15:12:38899 views00:07:04
  • The Honshu Earthquake and the RaptureThe Honshu Earthquake and the Rapture
    How the Honshu earthquake encoded with 9/11 and with the fulfilled ROSH HASHANA, the next Jewish feast to be fulfilled on God's "Time Table".senteami2011-03-24T14:57:36377 views00:09:02