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  • Abraham Lincoln!Abraham Lincoln!
    Summary of Abraham Lincoln`s christian life. The President of the United States of America sought guidance from the Lord as the Civil War was hanging over his head. In 1860`s made friends with Dr. Phineas Gurley, Pastor of the New York Avenue Pres...rmayfield2016-05-18T05:32:3536 views00:04:58
  • A Supernatural God!A Supernatural God!
    Summary of all the things God can do in our lives, when we have His power in us. He can do do exceedingly and abundantly above all we can ask or think. He is a supernatural God, and He does many miracles. rmayfield@raymondmayfield.com,raymondmayfi...rmayfield2016-05-17T23:47:2339 views00:04:58
  • Psalms 1Psalms 1
    The first chapter in Psalms is a book of wisdom. It presents a descriptive contrast between the righteous and the wicked. The righteous are blessed, prosperous, and happy. The wicked are like the chaff that the wind blows away. Everything the righ...rmayfield2016-05-13T22:27:2238 views00:04:55
  • Genesis 9Genesis 9
    Noah and his family are now out of the ark! God promised a blessing upon Noah and his sons. God promised He would never destroy the world with a flood again. God put a rainbow in the sky as a covenant. Noah planted a vineyard and got drunk. Ham sa...rmayfield2016-03-30T16:22:0949 views00:04:37
  • Genesis 8Genesis 8
    Summary of when the flood water begin to recede. It had rained for 40 days and nights. God remembered Noah and his family. The ark came to rest on Mt Ararat (In Armenia).Noah opened the window and looked out, and sent a raven out and the raven cam...rmayfield2016-03-29T00:17:0743 views00:05:08
  • Genesis 7Genesis 7
    The Lord gives instructions to Noah and his family to enter into the ark. Noah`s and his family enter into ark, along with animals that the Lord wanted preserved. Then it begin to rain for forty days and nights. All of the high mountains were cove...rmayfield2016-03-28T21:52:2837 views00:05:07
  • Genesis 6Genesis 6
    Summary of the wickedness on the earth! Corruption was so bad that God decided to destroy every living creature on the face of the earth, except Noah and his family. Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord., Sons of God mingled with the daughters...rmayfield2016-03-28T13:57:1023 views00:04:52
  • Daniel 1Daniel 1
    Summary of the capture of the Hebrews and transported to Babylon. The Babylonian King selected four Hebrews to learn the Chaldean language. Among them was Daniel, who was talented and gifted. They would not eat the Kings diet, but eat a diet of v...rmayfield2016-03-10T16:27:0631 views00:04:38
  • Exodus 3Exodus 3
    Great video: Summary of the call of Moses, in the wilderness when he was 80 years old. God spoke to Moses out of a burning bush, that was not consumed. God tells Moses to go back to the children of Israel in Egypt, that I have sent you to lead my ...rmayfield2016-03-10T12:07:0643 views00:04:55
  • Exodus 2Exodus 2
    Great Video, Summary of the birth of Moses and how he was hid in the Nile river for 3 months. Discovered by Pharaoh`s daughter, and Miriam asked her if one of the Hebrew women could nurse him? She agreed and delivered Moses to his mother. Not only...rmayfield2016-03-09T20:07:0526 views00:04:33
  • Exodus 1Exodus 1
    Exodus 1, The word Exodus means "departure." It had been 200 or 300 years since Joseph had been a leader in Egypt. The new Pharaoh felt jealous and threatened by the Israel people. He worked them extremely hard, but God continued to bless them. He...rmayfield2016-03-09T17:36:0940 views00:04:22
  • Genesis 5Genesis 5
    Summary Of the genealogy Of Adam. Hebrews took their family tree seriously. Enoch is mentioned as one of the important characters in this chapter. He walked with God, and was translated. He is believed to be one of the two witnesses to appear in t...rmayfield2016-02-20T17:07:0023 views00:04:30
  • Genesis 3Genesis 3
    The appearance of the serpent in the Garden Of Eden! He was cunning, crafty, and deceitful. Satan was working through the serpent. The serpent enticed Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of good and evil. They disobeyed God`s instruction and eat of ...rmayfield2016-02-14T11:11:5926 views00:04:22
  • Genesis 4Genesis 4
    he appearance of the serpent in the Garden Of Eden! He was cunning, crafty, and deceitful. Satan was working through the serpent. The serpent enticed Adam and Eve to eat from the tree of good and evil. They disobeyed God`s instruction and eat of t...rmayfield2016-02-13T21:27:0433 views00:04:59
  • Genesis 2Genesis 2
    Summary on the completion of creation. The Garden Of Eden is created in this chapter. Garden was built for Adam, and later Eve. Beautiful flowers, choicest fruits, beautiful river that spread out into four branches going down stream. Tree of life,...rmayfield2016-02-11T18:31:5419 views00:04:27
  • Nehemiah!Nehemiah!
    Summary into the life of Nehemiah. A great man with strong leadership skills. He had a strong prayer life, and a burden for his home city Jerusalem. The wall needed to to be built in Jerusalem, and he put himself at great risk. The King allowed hi...rmayfield2016-02-10T20:22:3458 views00:04:20