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  • Revolution 12221-Breadalone Campaign 2012Revolution 12221-Breadalone Campaign 2012
    Our 3rd Video! We are doing our campaign this Saturday at 12:21 pm! This gives you some ideas and the reasoning behind it. Make it your own and listen to your heart! Let us take the world back! Sleeping Giant appears courtesy of ANGR records and u...revolution12212012-03-15T12:24:06177 views00:09:04
  • Revolution 1221-Revolution Cards (intro and how to)Revolution 1221-Revolution Cards (intro and how to)
    Our Second Video! This is a bit longer but goes into the mindset and why we do what we do. Gives you some tips on how to create your own cards and what to do with them. Listen to the Spirit and take the World BACK!revolution12212012-03-03T18:14:05245 views00:13:41
  • Revolution 1221 videoRevolution 1221 video
    The revolution has come. WE will take the world back. Our weapons are TRUTH, HOPE, LOVE. You will see our acts but not our people. Please share the video and join the cause! <3 u guys!
    Email us at:
    revolution12212012-03-03T10:24:05247 views00:03:12