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  • UTV Program 2 Part 1UTV Program 2 Part 1
    UTV is about the 'U' in CommUnity. That's YOU! Your idea, your talent, you passion, your story. It's about encouraging each other and being real. It's about sharing and caring. It's about Redeeming the Media, Actualizing People's Potential, Commun...redeemedzone2010-10-02T01:34:561,379 views00:09:05
  • UTV Program 2 Part 2UTV Program 2 Part 2
    UTV is a CommUnity TeleVision program designed to promote people and their passion for community. It's about people's stories, ideas, dreams and business. It's designed to bring business and community closer together through the vehicle of sponsor...redeemedzone2010-10-02T01:34:521,377 views00:09:52
  • UTV Program 2 Part 3UTV Program 2 Part 3
    UTV is about the 'U' in CommUnity. Local, real, positive and passionate stories about people's lives, hopes, and dreams. This second program from the team at Flaxmere is features a story about a couple who have been married 63 years. Isn't that am...redeemedzone2010-10-02T01:34:491,329 views00:09:59
  • UTV Program 1 Part 3UTV Program 1 Part 3
    The feature article of Program 1 is Coalface. The story of a man's passion and mission to get urgent medical supplies to the remote areas of Zimbabwe, to the coalface of suffering and death.redeemedzone2010-10-02T01:34:481,352 views00:09:32
  • Program 1: Part 2 of 3Program 1: Part 2 of 3
    UTV is all about U. It is about the 'U' in CommUnity. It's about people with passion and talent and creativity that want to be seen and heard. Redeemed Media Publishing Company is a registered charitable company that gets into the community and br...redeemedzone2010-10-02T01:32:231,420 views00:08:41
  • Program 1: Part 1 of 3Program 1: Part 1 of 3
    UTVredeemedzone2010-10-02T01:32:22905 views00:10:00
  • WeddingWedding
    This wedding clip was on our program.redeemedzone2010-10-02T00:18:443,093 views00:02:40
  • Little DaylightLittle Daylight
    George MacDonald fairy tale trailer

    Filmed by Redeemed Media Publishing Co. Ltd (UTV)
    redeemedzone2010-10-02T00:16:572,279 views00:05:09