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  • Willie & DottyWillie & Dotty
    Happy Anniversaryreagolly2015-07-30T20:55:0258 views00:05:22
  • Living With A Renewed MindLiving With A Renewed Mind
    Change the way you think. You must think like God thinks. And to do that you need to get a relationship with God, not only through communication and prayer but reading the word of God.reagolly2015-06-01T18:44:2077 views00:59:34
  • Troubled Marriage?Troubled Marriage?
    A man and his wife were having marital problems. They would take their child to church every week, but it seemed as if she was the only one that was hearing God(like the Prophet Samuel). Their constant argueing soon began to effect the child. O...reagolly2010-10-02T02:02:441,039 views00:01:00