Therapy + Theology with Carley Marcouillier

Therapy + Theology with Carley Marcouillier

Carley Marcouillier

How to Reclaim Peace If You Are Weary This Christmas Season

December 8, 2022   ●   16 min

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This is part two of our Advent series. Here’s part one:

We’ve been looking for peace in all the wrong places. What if the true peace we desire is found in our position as a child of God?

Today’s episode explores the second theme of Advent: Peace. Using Psalm 23 as our guide, we explore the first movement of the spiritual life, orientation.

Although orientation seems hard to find in our world, the scriptures invite us into a position of orientation that is not dependent on location or situation. We will look at the origin of peace in the presence of God as our shepherd, and the promise that “He is ours” and “We are his.”

We will look to the fulfillment of scripture that peace or wholeness is what Christ brings as the Good Shepherd, Jehovah Rohi. Finally, we will use these truths to practice grounding ourselves in peace, as we seek to orient ourselves to God’s closeness, compassion, voice, and leading.

Psalm 23:
Walter Brueggemann: Praying the Psalms:

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