The Happy Rant

The Happy Rant

Barnabas Piper, Ronnie Martin and Ted Kluck

Episode #393 - Pastoring Through Crises

June 09, 2022   ●   48 min

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In this episode of The Happy Rant Ronnie and Barnabas, sans Vegas-going Ted, wander to and fro through a variety of topics. Or really just one: leading a church during times of cultural crisis.

They discuss:

1. Deciding what to address with the congregation
2. Handling contentious cultural moments from the pulpit
3. Differences between a small church in a small town and a larger church in a big city
4. Navigating contentious cultural issues among leadership teams
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Today's Devotional

A Prayer for Difficult Times - Your Daily Prayer - July 5

Although He allowed tragedy to strike, He never left me forsaken.

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