The Bible Never Said That

The Bible Never Said That

Chara Donahue

Episode 2: “Everyone Is Inherently Good”

April 21, 2020   ●   24 min

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This one can be controversial. It’s much easier to live in a world where we feel good about our own goodness. But none of us are good; none of us are righteous by our own merit. Of course, none of us are utterly evil, either. All of us are made in God’s image, bearing the Imagio Dei in our souls. That’s why our sin should grieve us. This is why all of us fall short of God’s glory, and this is why the grace of the gospel should fill us with hope. Our salvation does not depend on our goodness, but on God’s.

Verses quoted: Psalm 143:2 , Romans 11:32 , Romans 3:23, Genesis 3:14-15, Hebrews 12:14-29, 2 Corinthians 7:1, Jeremiah 9:23-24

Books quoted: Tim Keller’s The Reason for God

Articles Referenced: 10 Popular Statements That Are Theologically Unsound, 3 Pitfalls of Doubt for the Religious by Holly Hawes, Facts about Niagara Falls, The Image of God: Imago Dei

Movie Referenced: Avengers End Game

Conference Referenced: Made to Minister

Chara Donahue is a co-author of the Bible study 1, 2, & 3 John: Experiencing Transformation and is working on her next book. She is the founder and editor of Anchored Voices. Get in touch with her on Facebook or Twitter.
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