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The Threat of "Gay Christianity" M.D. Perkins Interview

October 20, 2022   ●   71 min

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In today’s episode, Becket chats with M.D. Perkins about his new book, “Dangerous Affirmation: The Threat of ‘Gay Christianity’”

Since 1968, the LGBT movement has made significant inroads into the Christian church. The affirming church movement has become mainstream through the erosion of mainline denominations. Queer theology has taken hold in many academic settings. The emergence of “gay celibate theology” is causing confusion in evangelical churches through its appeal to modern psychology and LGBT-lived experience. How did we get here? What does the Bible say about all of this?

“Dangerous Affirmation” is an insightful analysis of the influence and spread of “gay Christianity.” Author M.D. Perkins exposes the way this movement handles theology, biblical interpretation, the church, personal and group identity, and political activism. While many Christians are being won over by this immoral cause, this book serves as a sober-minded call to faithfulness in the midst of cultural and religious chaos.

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