The 95 Podcast: Conversations for Small-Church Pastors

The 95 Podcast: Conversations for Small-Church Pastors

Dale Sellers and Caralee Culpepper

How To Make Your Sermon Shareable (w: David Murrow)- Episode 137

July 12, 2022   ●   42 min

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At this point, most of us know that providing online access to sermons and Sunday services is imperative to reaching people inside and outside of the church. However, many pastors are still hesitant (or even unwilling) to go there. Today's guest, David Murrow, says that "online sermons are the church's welcome center." Currently, people "visit" churches by first finding them online, watching a few sermons, and then coming in person if they like what they've seen. 

With this in mind, David has recently launched a coaching program to help churches improve their online presence. He's got some great ideas and resources available for pastors who are ready to dive into the online world. I hope you take away some great ideas to try for yourself!

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