The 95 Podcast: Conversations for Small-Church Pastors

The 95 Podcast: Conversations for Small-Church Pastors

Dale Sellers and Caralee Culpepper

Social Media As A Ministry And Not An Advertisement (w: Karis Hortin) - Episode 136

July 05, 2022   ●   55 min

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Karis Hortin is only 21 years old, but she's already lived a lot of life. Born in Ethiopia, she was raised by her grandmother until she was seven, when she entered an orphanage because her grandmother contracted HIV. At nine, she was adopted by an American family and began her life in the United States. Karis says that before she ever heard of God, she always felt like someone was looking out for her. 

These days, she uses her faith, talent, and marketing expertise to help churches get their social media platforms off the ground. She's also a certified life coach for teen girls and has used her popular TikTok and YouTube accounts as a platform to tackle the complicated things that teens face these days. Oh, and did I mention she's a beauty queen running for Miss Illinois? Is there anything she can't do?!

Today, our conversation centers around social media for churches and why having an online presence is so crucial for the younger generation. Karis mentions how we should see social media as a ministry rather than an advertisement—a comment that holds so much truth. Listen in today, and reach out to us or Karis (link below) if you have any questions!

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