Inside The Epicenter With Joel Rosenberg

Inside The Epicenter With Joel Rosenberg

Joel C. Rosenberg and Dr. Carl Moeller

Who is Gog? & The Incredible Doors Opened in 2022 #86

January 10, 2023   ●   18 min

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After the events of 2022, does Joel believe that Putin is the Gog prophesied about in Ezekiel 38 & 39?

In this episode of Inside The Epicenter with Joel Rosenberg, we hear Joel’s thoughts about 2022 as he shares about the work of The Joshua Fund and the incredible doors God opened for Evangelical delegations to Arab nations.

Joel also discusses how Vladimir Putin’s actions changed the geopolitical landscape and how he used the podcast to help listeners connect the dots between current events and Biblical prophecy.
Listen to learn more.

(01:15) Joshua Fund Israel Tour
(03:16) Joel’s Word for 2022
(07:32) What Makes The Joshua Fund Unique
(09:07) Verse Of The Day & Prayer Requests
(09:57) Vladimir Putin, Geopolitics, & Ezekiel Prophecies

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