Inside The Epicenter With Joel Rosenberg

Inside The Epicenter With Joel Rosenberg

Joel C. Rosenberg and Dr. Carl Moeller

American Christianity & How You Can Bless Israel #99

April 10, 2023   ●   19 min

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How can you bless the people in the center of God’s plan? In this episode of Inside The Epicenter with Joel Rosenberg, Mike MacIntosh talks about how we can pray like Jesus and bless the people of the Epicenter. Mike highlights the importance of giving to Israel, praying for Israel, and going to Israel.  What burden do you carry for Jesus, and how can you bless the people of Israel? Listen to this episode to find out!

(02:00) How Christianity is Packaged in America
(03:30) A Message to Young Americans from Persecuted Christians in China
(06:00) We Must be People that Pray as Jesus Did
(07:12) Verse of the Day & Prayer Requests
(12:06) How to Support Israel and Her Neighbors

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