How to Study the Bible

How to Study the Bible

Nicole Unice

Unveiled: The New Adam (Genesis 3:15)

April 12, 2021   ●   26 min

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This week’s Bible verses: Genesis 1-3, Genesis 3:15

What Nicole covers in this episode:
1. The context of Genesis 3 and why we can’t start our story there; we have to start in Genesis 1-2.
2. Why God’s mercy was on display when he made Adam and Eve leave the garden.
3. The first human experience of shame and what we can learn from it.
4. What happens to Adam and Eve’s relationship after sin entered the world, and how Satan’s work to divide impacts all relationships.
5. God's plan for redemption, already in place.

Principles from this Passage of Scripture:
1. God’s redemptive plan has been ongoing since the beginning of humanity.
2. God is in control even when all seems lost.
3. God has provided a way for a restored relationship with Him

Question to Ask Yourself:
Do I ever feel like all hope is lost, and if so, how can I move toward a posture of belief around redemption?

Scripture to read for next week: Genesis 14 & 15

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