How to Study the Bible

How to Study the Bible

Nicole Unice

Stories Jesus Told: Two Debtors (Luke 7 & Matthew 18)

May 02, 2022   ●   20 min

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This week, we’re looking at two different stories about debts owed, Jesus’ response to those debts, and our experience with forgiveness.

Forgiveness does not necessarily always mean the restoration of a relationship. If someone hurts you repeatedly, it does not mean you should put yourself in a position to be hurt again and again. But what God does call us to is forgiveness, because it is good for our souls.

When we are not forgiven, we are bound up, and when we are bound up, we are not receiving the mercy of God for ourselves. We’re not receiving the love of God for our deep debt.

--1. What Does It Say?--

In both stories, we have –

Two debtors: one who owes a little, and one who owes a lot.
A merciful king, willing to relieve the debt
A different way of receiving the forgiveness that is happening

--2. What Does It Mean?--

Forgiveness for us and to us is not optional in the Kingdom of God. Our relationship to forgiveness will be in direct proportion to our ability to love.

God gives two options in Matthew 18 – do you want justice or mercy?

--3. What Does It Mean for Me?--

God has called you to forgive because it is good for your souls, and because he wants you to receive forgiveness.

--Questions to consider this week:--
What would it look like for me to live with a heart of mercy?
Are there any places in my heart where I am harboring unforgiveness and hurt?
Do you want to live with your Father who is merciful, or your Father who is just?

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