Her Many Hats

Her Many Hats

Emma Danzey

Goals of Christian Community - Ep. 35

June 7, 2022   ●   16 min

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Today we are going to address our goals in finding and cultivating Christian community. As we finish our conversation on Christian community today, may we remember the value in having other believers around us and the blessing that they are to us and we are to them.

This Week's Bible Focus:
Acts 2:42 says, "The devoted themselves to the apostles 'teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer."

Key Points:
1.Christian Community is rooted in Jesus, His Word, doing life together, and prayer.
2. You can tel the different between worldly community and Christ-centered community
3. Christian community is consistent and healthy

Call to Action:
Is your Christian community rooted in Jesus, grounded in His Word, doing life together, and praying? If any of these are missing, what can you do to help get the group back on track?
2. What are some positive ways that you and your Christian community looks different from your worldly community?
3. In your church or ministry consistent and a priority in you life? If not, how can you begin to value this more in the way you plan your weeks?

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