Faith Over Fear

Faith Over Fear

Jennifer Slattery, Jodie Bailey and Shellie Arnold

Hearing God’s Voice: The Peace That Comes from Being Supernaturally Led - Ep. 70

September 07, 2021   ●   31 min

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God has given us a powerful supernatural gift, a precious Counselor and Friend, able to guide us through any situation, grant us peace in the most challenging circumstances, and lead us from potential dangers. The Holy Spirit, the third Person of the Trinity, is our ever-present help who gives us everything we need to live as God desires and do all He’s asked. He is speaking, and He invites us to cultivate a listening ear.

This episode’s guest Linda Shepherd is an award-winning author who has written over 35 books, including the best-selling When You Don't Know What to Pray. She’s an internationally recognized speaker and is the founder of Right the Heart ministries, the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association.

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Her book: When You Need to Move a Mountain

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Group Discussion Questions:
1. How would you describe the Holy Spirit?
2. How would you describe your interactions with the Holy Spirit?
3. How often or readily do you sense His presence?
4. What are some ways He speaks to us?
5. How do you most tend to hear Him?
6. What are some things that can challenge our ability to hear Him?
7. What are some ways you discern whether or not a thought or impression came from the Holy Spirit?
8. When learning to hear from God, why is it important we read Scripture?

Episode Image Credit: Getty/Malte Mueller
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