Faith Over Fear

Faith Over Fear

Jennifer Slattery, Jodie Bailey, Ava Pennington and Kimi Miller

Breaking Free from Generational Dysfunction (with Gina Birkemeier) - Ep. 127

November 1, 2022   ●   28 min

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Our past affects our present, often in ways we’re not aware of or don’t know how to address. Patterns of dysfunction tend to trickle down from one generation to the next, causing us to hurt others in much the same way in which we were hurt. But God calls us to healing, wholeness, and freedom and has given us tools in Scripture, through our ongoing connection with the Holy Spirit, and through wise Christian counselors to replace harmful behavioral patterns and attitudes with those that are life-giving for us and the generations that follow. In this episode, licensed counselor Gina Birkemeier discusses her book Generations Deep and what God has helped her heal and become an instrument of healing for others, her children especially.

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Group Discussion Questions:

1.What resonated with you most in today’s episode?
2.Gina talked about the importance of renewing our minds. Why is it important to remember this is an ongoing process?
3.Did Gina’s discussion on trauma versus disfunction change your perspective in any way?
4.Can you see any of the dysfunctional behaviors she mentioned, such as manipulation, triangulation, or codependency, present in your family of origin, and if so how?
5.What might it look like to be a safe person for yourself?
6.What might it look like to be a safe person for others?
7.Why is it important to intentionally seek healing from childhood wounds?
8.How can downplaying the pain we experienced growing up hinder our healing, growth, and freedom?
9.What is one action step God might be asking you to take based on this episode?
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