Christian Parent, Crazy World

Christian Parent, Crazy World

Catherine Segars

How Does the Christian Worldview Create a World We All Want to Live In? – Episode 9

June 7, 2021   ●   30 min

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This episode is the culmination of all the hard work we have done in the last three episodes! We are going to look at why the other worldviews we’ve looked at begin to fall apart because they don’t accurately explain and represent reality.

Resources and Articles Mentioned in This Episode:
1. Eric Metaxas interview with John Smirak

2. John Smirak article: Is the Woke Cult Just a Spastic Reaction to Darwinism?

3. Christian Headlines article on Richard Dawkins, Atheist Richard Dawkins Says Its 'Wise and Sensible' to Abort Babies with Down Syndrome, Serious Disabilities

4. Five Worldview Comparison Chart from

5. Postmodernists deny that there "are objective, or absolute, moral values.”

6. William Wilberforce’s Christian faith and crusade to end the slave trade.

7. The testimony of John Newton

8. Martin Luther Kings’ 'I Have a Dream' Speech“

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