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Christian Parent, Crazy World

Catherine Segars

How Do I Teach My Kids to Contend for Their Faith? - Episode 3

March 22, 2021   ●   22 min

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In the last episode, we talked about what our kids need for an authentic faith. We concluded that we need to teach our kids how to wrestle - how to contend - for their faith.

One of the primary reasons cited for this youth exodus by Tom Bisset in his book Why Christian Kids Leave the Faith is surprisingly simple: “They left because they never personally owned their faith.”

In other words, their faith was an offshoot of their parent’s spiritual journey. Like Esau, who didn’t value the birthright his father wanted to bestow, these kids never found a personal faith. They never wrestled with God like Jacob did. They never contended with the ideas of men and women. They never learned how to overcome. And when faced with worldly ideals backed by popular secular ideology, the faith of these young people couldn’t stand.

In this episode, Catherine shares 7 steps parents can take to help their kids begin to wrestle with their faith.

Be sure to check out Catherine's accompanying article: Christian Kids Are Leaving the Faith. What Can We Do About It?

Episode Image Credit: Oleksandr Pupko
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