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Christian Parent, Crazy World

Catherine Segars

Have You Ever Been Judged by Other Christians? - Episode 39

August 22, 2022   ●   23 min

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We’ve all come under the scrutiny of others, and so have our kids. When we are judged by other Christians, the pain can be acute. It can lead us away from God and the faith.

Catherine begins a new series on judging by establishing a proper foundation of God’s overwhelming love before we dissect someone’s behavior. Then she examines the pain that ungodly judgments can cause. With those critical prerequisites in mind, Catherine begins to unpack what Scripture has to say about judging other people.

This series will bring a lot of insight, hope, and healing to parents and kids dealing with the pain of judgment from others.


Matthew 18:6
Romans 5:8
Luke 15
Romans 8:35-39
Matthew 7:1-3
Romans 7:7


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