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Christian Parent, Crazy World

Catherine Segars

7 Guidelines for Challenging Our Culture – Episode 29

May 02, 2022   ●   34 min

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When it comes to defending your faith, you don’t always need to play defense. Sometimes you need to go on the offense. These 7 guidelines will help you and your kiddos challenge cultural lies and lead others to the truth.

You and your children need to:

1. Always define your terms.
2. Question everything.
3. Challenge labels. (Don’t label and discard.)
4. Don’t Cancel. Instead, consult.
5. Don’t censor lies. Defeat lies with the truth.
6. Use the boycott wisely.
7. Go directly to the original source.

Moms and dads, let’s be a force for good in the way we engage others to think and act!


6 Guidelines for Challenging Our Culture:

New York Post: “Judge Jackson declines to define ‘woman,’ says she’s ‘not a biologist’,”:

DUK News: “Columbia student who escaped North Korea says she sees similarities in the US”:

British Library: “Learning Voices of the Holocaust”:

United Holocaust Memorial Museum: “Adolf Hitler Issues Comment on the “Jewish Question”:

The Independent: “Jen Psaki Urges Spotify to take further action on Joe Rogan: ‘More can be done’”:

The New York Post: “The White House Is Spreading Vile Lies about the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill”:


Episode 19: 6 Guidelines to Living a Counter-Cultural Life:


Ephesians 6:12

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