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Christian Parent, Crazy World

Catherine Segars

13 Ways to Be a Better Parent in 2022 – Episode 22

January 17, 2022   ●   34 min

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This is Catherine’s most practical podcast yet. In this insightful episode, Catherine helps you leave behind the old and embrace the new in 2022 with a “Dashboard for Life,” which is a report card containing 13 gauges on how to improve in the new year. Catherine walks you through how to examine your faith life, your marriage or dating life, your family life, and nine other areas by offering simple, everyday guidance on how to make effective and lasting change.

This powerful tool for self-assessment will help all of your relationships, especially your parenting relationships. But most of all, it will help improve your relationship with God, and when that relationship is better, all of your relationships are better.

NOW, with each and every one of these gauges, don’t just write something down on how to improve. Our methods, our remedies often fall short. Ask God. And listen to His prompting. See what He has to say. Because He has the remedy that really works.

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