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  • If you have to go If you have to go
    Song about a love one leaving this world and us letting them go.
    Written and sung by Dallas Atkins
    (c) 2016
    messups2016-06-02T23:17:2850 views00:02:43
  • Taste of PowerTaste of Power
    Written by Dallas Atkins (c)1984
    A song as a tribute to the Anzacs and solders giving their lives for our freedom.
    Also a call to arms for Christians.
    Christ giving his life for us.
    messups2015-04-20T21:54:33226 views00:04:23
  • Dallas Atkins sings I'm yoursDallas Atkins sings I'm yours
    Dallas Atkins.
    Australian Christian singer Songwriter with the Band The Message sings a song about giving all to Christ.
    Lord all I have is yours.
    Share it, spread it, download it.
    messups2014-10-19T07:49:07424 views00:04:10
    Would you do it.
    Dallas Atkins Australian Christian singer and songwriter sings his song which challenges us all about our faith in Christ.
    Share it around. It challenges our faith in the way of how strong is it.
    Would you deny Chri...
    messups2014-10-14T04:09:09885 views00:05:06
    Dallas Atkins Live
    singing Toy maker with the help of the Tuggeranong Salvation Army Songsters.
    Written by Dallas Atkins
    messups2014-08-31T06:38:502,699 views00:04:02
  • Dallas LIVEDallas LIVE
    Dallas LIVE is a comical and Evangelical family outreach for schools, churches, clubs, youth group and kids clubs.
    Dallas was lead singer and songwriter in Australian Christian band The Message. Now with his new outreach show he travels bring...
    messups2014-03-18T04:44:23622 views00:02:50
  • Dallas Live part 2Dallas Live part 2
    Wagga Wagga Kings Christian church
    Speaking and singing
    Dallas Live a challenging comedy show all about Jesus
    messups2014-01-17T05:49:041,010 views00:07:34
  • Dallas LiveDallas Live
    Wagga Wagga Kings Christian church
    Speaking and singing
    Dallas Live a challenging comedy show all about Jesus
    messups2014-01-17T05:39:052,005 views00:07:14
  • RenewedRenewed
    Our lives are renewed through the love and forgiveness from Christ. He forgives but we sometimes forget to do it to others.
    Written and sung by Dallas Atkins for information and bookings
    messups2013-07-23T01:54:06509 views00:05:47
  • The Message BandThe Message Band
    The message Christian rock band Australia performing Lead Me.
    more at
    messups2012-04-23T19:39:05685 views00:03:46
  • The Message Band The Message  Band
    The Message Christian Band Australia 1990s singing, I got know blues
    messups2012-04-23T19:34:071,688 views00:04:38
  • The Messup puppetsThe Messup puppets
    A comedy version of Jesus loves me by Bluey and Nunna, with miss Bonniemessups2012-04-23T18:49:06822 views00:05:55
  • The Message Band Australia 1991The Message Band Australia 1991
    The Message Christian Band singing Get thee Behind me. written by Dallas Atkins
    messups2012-03-16T06:59:05547 views00:03:30
  • The Message/ Messups PuppetsThe Message/ Messups Puppets
    A puppet called Nunnafyabizness and Bluey sing Jesus Loves me but Nunna is naughty.messups2012-03-16T06:44:05781 views00:08:12
  • The Message Band Australia 1993The Message Band Australia 1993
    The Message performing The Messups Puppets show Right way to go.
    This is the Rock n roll segment.
    Over 40 young people gave their lives to Christ this night.
    messups2012-03-16T06:29:05650 views00:11:35
  • The Message Band Australia 1992The Message Band Australia 1992
    The Message Band at Port Macquarie NSW, Youth Outreach singing Clap your Handsmessups2012-03-16T06:09:05533 views00:01:39