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  • MonopolyMonopoly
    Taken from Psalm 24:1-6, this message helps us better understand the sovereignty of God. And the more we understand God's sovereignty and the monopoly He has on our lives, the easier it is to serve and worship Him.ggvancise2013-06-13T19:14:03460 views00:21:56
  • Pastor Glen (Almost Live): Think On These ThingsPastor Glen (Almost Live): Think On These Things
    Scripture : Psalm 23:4-6

    In the second half of our study on Psalm 23, we see even more of the nature of God - the Good Shepherd - as we walk through the valley of the shadow of death with our eyes fixed on Him and the promise of heaven.
    ggvancise2013-06-04T08:44:05452 views00:24:39