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  • Lost or LoveLost or Love
    The fifth chapter of Proverbs concerns the use or abuse of our God-given physical bodies. Jehovah has given us the freedom to choose whether we will use our bodies for love or for views00:26:37
  • My Soul is Troubled (Psalm 77)My Soul is Troubled (Psalm 77)
    All of God’s children go through times of suffering, both mental and spiritual trials. Some of these may seem overwhelming. Our spirit is depressed and our soul is heavy. Life may get us down and discouragement moves in.

    This psalm ...
    church-of-christ2011-05-14T23:29:30414 views00:26:33
  • Fear GodFear God
    The faithful Christian must fear and reverence God in order to show the proper respect for His righteousness and majesty. Too many people today do not fear God. Bobby Stafford preaches a sermon on what it means to Fear Godchurch-of-christ2011-05-14T10:19:36373 views00:26:43
  • The Conscience of a ChristianThe Conscience of a Christian
    A Christian has a conscience which helps to guide their Christian walk. Bobby Stafford preaches a sermon on how to develop a good conscience.
    church-of-christ2011-05-14T10:19:36260 views00:27:28