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  • WarriorWarrior
    I just finished this one about a week ago. It was inspired by a sermon at church about waking up the mighty men of God. It has to do with men that claim to be christians need to wake up and fight for there faith and there families especially in th...brooksmica2010-10-01T22:53:482,792 views00:05:36
  • This Life We LiveThis Life We Live
    This song is just encouragment for my brothers and sister in Christ that we can always call on Him when we need Him. It is also a reminder that whatever you are dealing with is nothing compared to what Christ had to bear.brooksmica2010-10-01T22:53:482,107 views00:03:46
  • Power of YouPower of You
    This song has to do with my life. Dealing with when I was younger (stepping away from God) and now that I am older and have a family of my own that no matter what we need the power of God to guide us through our lives.brooksmica2010-10-01T22:53:482,047 views00:02:45
  • Set FreeSet Free
    This is a praise song I wrote a couple of months ago that just praises God for His wonderous love and His Son giving His life for our sins.brooksmica2010-10-01T22:53:482,203 views00:03:08
  • Pray for our militaryPray for our military
    I am a Navy man and feel that some people don't realize the hardship that military families have to deal with. Hopefully this slide will give you alittle insight to what we struggle with.brooksmica2010-10-01T22:53:323,293 views00:04:08