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  • 50 Ways to Say I Love You -BluefishTV.com50 Ways to Say I Love You
    $1.99 hi-res version available at

    This brief music video illustration takes a creative look at the details of raising children and how parents can show love to them in simple ways.
    bluefishtv2010-10-01T22:45:3617,556 views00:01:12
  • Amena Brown: Your Words -BluefishTV.comAmena Brown: Your Words
    $1.99 hi-res version available at

    A unique and artistic worship experience from spoken word poet, Amena Brown. This stirring video illustration paints a picture of an awesome God who loves us dearly.
    bluefishtv2010-10-01T22:45:358,171 views00:01:51
  • What Inspires You? - BluefishTV.comWhat Inspires You? -
    $1.99 hi-res version available at

    In an attempt to motivate his troops, a soldier uses lines from famous movies and songs. His humorous speech inspires the group.
    bluefishtv2010-10-01T22:45:3513,251 views00:02:12
  • Currency: How Much Is Our Life Worth? - BluefishTV.comCurrency: How Much Is Our Life Worth? -
    $1.99 hi-res version available at

    Everything has a price tag. This brain-sparking sermon illustration considers the value of various everyday things--but what are we worth? On Good Friday we remember that J...
    bluefishtv2010-10-01T22:45:3511,277 views00:01:32
  • Burping...Spending Quality Time with Your Parents-BluefishTVBurping...Spending Quality Time with Your Parents-BluefishTV
    $1.99 hi-res version available at

    This humorous video illustration shows a father and son spending quality time together at the breakfast table. This creative sermon illustration is geared for adults and te...
    bluefishtv2010-10-01T22:45:3514,117 views00:01:03
  • McFaith: Order up your Faith -BluefishTV.comMcFaith: Order up your Faith
    $1.99 hi-res version available at

    This parody of a McDonalds; commercial (Have it Your Way) is an exaggeration of people choosing their favorite parts of religion.
    bluefishtv2010-10-01T22:45:3512,360 views00:01:19
  • Joseph - Trapped with Teaching by Rob Duford Joseph - Trapped with Teaching by Rob Duford
    Hi-res version available at

    This clever contemporary sermon illustration parallels how Joseph was stuck in a hopeless situation. In a few short years he had fallen from a fortunate son to a forgotten prisoner i...
    bluefishtv2010-10-01T22:45:277,037 views00:03:38
  • Joseph -Abandoned with Teaching by Rob Duford-BluefishTV.comJoseph -Abandoned with Teaching by Rob
    $1.99 hi-res version available at

    Born into a life of privilege, Joseph was his father's favorite son, and he dreamed of power and glory. This dramatic video illustration shows how Joseph's road to success ...
    bluefishtv2010-10-01T22:45:266,674 views00:03:53
  • The Elements of Easter - BluefishTV.comThe Elements of Easter -
    $1.99 hi-res version available at

    This dramatic video illustration reminds us that an invincible God became human, that a perfect man died for sinners. Nails, thorns, bread and wine remind us of the sacrifi...
    bluefishtv2010-10-01T22:45:2659,412 views00:02:38
  • The Greatest Story Ever Told (HD Available) -BluefishTV.comThe Greatest Story Ever Told (HD Available)
    $1.99 hi-res version available at

    This emotional clip shows the power of gathering as a family during the Christmas holiday and reading the account of Christ's birth. For everyone, everywhere, it's still th...
    bluefishtv2010-10-01T22:45:2512,385 views00:02:14
  • Mom's Little Helper (HD Available) - BluefishTV.comMom's Little Helper (HD Available) -
    $1.99 hi-res version available at

    Moms, do you ever feel like your life is one chore after another? Do you long for a little extra help around the house? This humorous video illustration's message says to b...
    bluefishtv2010-10-01T22:44:4424,122 views00:00:59
  • Nerd Law: Oversized Backpack - BluefishTV.comNerd Law: Oversized Backpack -
    $1.99 hi-res version available at

    In this comical video illustration, the Nerds of the Periodic Table regroup to discuss one of the main reasons they get picked on...the oversized backpack.
    bluefishtv2010-10-01T22:44:4412,145 views00:01:41
  • I Am - BluefishTV.comI Am -
    $1.99 hi-res version available at

    An identity crisis not only impacts how teens dress and who they hang out with but also, it takes their focus off of Christ and puts it solely on them. In this dramatic vid...
    bluefishtv2010-10-01T22:44:4416,503 views00:01:54
  • Only One -BluefishTV.comOnly One
    $1.99 hi-res version available at

    Everyone believes in something. So what makes Christianity unique? This powerful video illustration reveals the major differences between Christianity and other faiths.
    bluefishtv2010-10-01T22:44:436,341 views00:01:15
  • Mr. Makes Change in the Offering Plate Guy -BluefishTV.comMr. Makes Change in the Offering Plate Guy
    $1.99 hi-res version available at

    In a hilarious parody of a popular beer commercial, we explore the most frowned upon practice of 'giving' in church. This video illustration is sure to break the ice on dif...
    bluefishtv2010-10-01T22:44:4315,680 views00:01:33
  • Onion - BluefishTV.comOnion -
    $1.99 hi-res version available at

    An onion's life begins in dirt. We are born into sin. This simple video illustration highlights some of the parallels between the life of an onion and the life of a Christ...
    bluefishtv2010-10-01T22:44:436,435 views00:01:16