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  • Are You ReadyAre You Ready
    BLAST Youth perform a short skit called are you ready. What would you do if someone put a gun to your head and asked you are you ready to die for your faith? Are you sure of your salvation? The Bible tells we can know if we are saved.blastyouthministries2010-10-02T00:40:152,504 views00:02:07
  • Voice of TruthVoice of Truth
    Haley, Hannah & Emily sing Voice of Truth. Jesus the Voice of Truth!blastyouthministries2010-10-02T00:40:131,745 views00:03:27
  • Bring The RainBring The Rain
    Anthony sings Bring The Rain. Do you ask the Lord to bring the rains of life to you if that is what it will take to bring him glory? Jesus never promised that being a Christian would be easy but he did promise it would be worth it!blastyouthministries2010-10-02T00:40:132,035 views00:03:03
  • EverythingEverything
    BLAST Youth performs the famous Everything skit. This skits shows no matter what we go through in life Jesus is right where we left him with his arm open waiting for you to come back to him.blastyouthministries2010-10-02T00:40:131,649 views00:05:22
  • Praise You In The StormPraise You In The Storm
    David Sing Praise You In The Storm. It is easy to praise Jesus when we are on the mountain tops but when we are in the valley and in the storms of our life do you praise Jesus in the storm? He will bring through the storm and back to the mountai...blastyouthministries2010-10-02T00:40:131,764 views00:03:26
  • Are You ReadyAre You Ready
    A short skit about are you ready? If faced with a life or death question about your faith would your faith be strong enough that you would say your ready to die when the gun is pointed at your head. The Bible says that you can know without a sha...blastyouthministries2010-10-02T00:40:131,760 views00:02:07
  • Does Anybody Hear HerDoes Anybody Hear Her
    Jordan and Roger with BLAST Youth Ministries sing Does Anybody Hear Her.blastyouthministries2010-10-02T00:40:131,792 views00:02:43
  • Set Me FreeSet Me Free
    BLAST youth performs Set Me Free. A skit set to the Casting Crowns song Set Me Free.blastyouthministries2010-10-02T00:40:132,660 views00:04:03
  • Who Am IWho Am I
    BLAST performing Who Am I blacklight skit at Stony Hill Baptist Church.blastyouthministries2010-10-02T00:40:134,165 views00:05:28
  • How To PrayHow To Pray
    A skit on how to pray.blastyouthministries2010-10-02T00:38:431,819 views00:05:26
  • Word of God SpeakWord of God Speak
    Darren sings Word of God Speak at Hilltop Baptist Church.blastyouthministries2010-10-02T00:38:421,327 views00:02:54