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  • Can Ya' Hear Me Now? - Dream SequenceCan Ya' Hear Me Now? - Dream Sequence
    Michael has a dream about his wifeadeknightbooks2014-09-17T14:39:06191 views00:03:29
  • Success: There Is No Secret - Book TrailerSuccess: There Is No Secret - Book Trailer
    Success: There Is No Secret is a practical, simplistic and optimistic approach to help encourage, guide and inspire you to activate and or navigate your drive forward toward achieving your dreams and aspirationsadeknightbooks2014-09-17T14:29:07161 views00:01:05
  • Can Ya' Hear Me Now - Prayer SceneCan Ya' Hear Me Now - Prayer Scene
    Hope you enjoy one of my favorite scenes from our original feature film, "Can Ya' Hear Me Now?" In this scene Michael and Daysha beautifully pray for the strength and healing of their marriage.adeknightbooks2014-09-17T13:39:09378 views00:03:46
  • Mind You Own BusynessMind You Own Busyness

    Think about your deepest, darkest secret(s). Things that no one knows about but you and God (and you wish He didn’t know); your most private matters that you would be guarded to ever share with anyone. Th...
    adeknightbooks2014-09-17T13:09:07251 views00:01:20