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  • Webkinz Dance Party!
    Webkinz Dance Party!The KitKat Club and the Reese's Group have an awesome dance party, complete with cool music, interesting camera angles, and bad singing. Thanks to SarahStuffies for doing this with me, and also for holding the camera.

    Music is Eye of th...
    katiekinz2012-09-02T11:49:09997 views00:04:03
  • Little Dipper's Presto Magic Show: REMAKE
    Little Dipper's Presto Magic Show: REMAKEFinally, the text in the video is actually visible! I also changed it a little bit.

    Little Dipper tries to host a magic show, but Rose Mary is proving a difficult opponent, and Spring Joy is working on an empty stomach.
    katiekinz2012-09-02T11:44:08671 views00:05:38
  • The KatieKinz Super Dooper Blooper Reel!
    The KatieKinz Super Dooper Blooper Reel!Yup, a real blooper reel! I finally have enough to make this film. I tried to make them as random as possible. Enjoy!

    P.S. The Sherlock Holmes bloopers are not involved, except during the Cut Compilation. Plus there's a surprise at the ...
    katiekinz2012-08-22T16:19:05679 views00:03:34
  • I, Pod
    I, PodAfter a long and difficult move, the KatieKinz are prepared to explore the new house, when they meet an alien being from cyber--I mean, outer nothing they've seen before.

    Now, as they help their new friend from the species ...
    katiekinz2012-08-22T15:59:04744 views00:17:05
  • I, Pod: Official Movie Trailer
    I, Pod: Official Movie TrailerAfter a perilous journey...The KatieKinz Family has arrived...Only to find...


    Yes, it's the new I, Pod movie! Now in a one part special edition! Coming soon to a GodTube URL near you!
    katiekinz2012-08-22T15:04:06620 views00:02:08
  • A Video Announcement
    A Video AnnouncementSkylight, a techno genius in training, has made an important discovery concerning how we upload videos!katiekinz2012-08-22T10:06:32604 views00:03:32
  • The Bag Part 2
    The Bag Part 2My Webkinz don't realize that I'm putting them in the "Bag of Doom" for an EXTREMELY important reason...katiekinz2012-05-17T13:39:09554 views00:03:26
  • The Bag Part 1
    The Bag Part 1WHY IS KATIE STUFFING US IN A BAG OF DOOM!? HAAALLPP!!!!!katiekinz2012-05-17T13:14:11565 views00:04:06
  • My Talkative Road Trip Part 2
    My Talkative Road Trip Part 2On a road trip spent mostly driving, I got bored to death on the way home and pulled out my camera. The results were pretty fun.katiekinz2012-04-29T20:19:26430 views00:03:09
  • My Talkative Road Trip Part 1
    My Talkative Road Trip Part 1On a road trip spent mostly driving, I got bored to death on the way home and pulled out my camera. The results were pretty fun.katiekinz2012-04-29T20:04:07520 views00:03:00
  • Webkinz Superbowl!!! Part 4/4
    Webkinz Superbowl!!! Part 4/4The KatieKinz watch the final play of the 2012 Superbowl!
    The Patriots vs the Giants...who will win!?
    katiekinz2012-02-08T22:04:23507 views00:02:50
  • Webkinz Superbowl!!! Part 3/4
    Webkinz Superbowl!!! Part 3/4Rainbow and the other Lil'Kinz have been caught stealing the Big'Kinz snacks by Cinnamon and Shirley! Is their heist ruined?

    Also, the audience has a newcomer in a baseball outfit!
    katiekinz2012-02-08T21:49:22478 views00:02:45
  • Webkinz Superbowl!!! Part 2/4
    Webkinz Superbowl!!! Part 2/4One of the Superbowl commercials has revealed a couple of scardy-cats in the Lil'Kinz audience!katiekinz2012-02-08T21:15:08472 views00:02:43
  • Webkinz Superbowl!!! Part 1/4
    Webkinz Superbowl!!! Part 1/4The KatieKinz have gathered to watch the Superbowl! The opening ceremonial stuff is over and the actual game is about to begin!

    But there is someone unwanted in the audience...
    katiekinz2012-02-08T20:49:22476 views00:02:39
  • Hidden Objects...
    Hidden Objects...My Mom loves to play Gardens of Time; a hidden object game. In the Blitz round (find as many objects as you can before time runs out), she has developed a habit of naming out loud every object she is meant to find. Catch it on tape, search the int...katiekinz2011-12-07T00:36:22523 views00:01:14
  • Webkinz Sing
    Webkinz Sing "Heaven is a Wonderful Place"Spot (left) and her best friend Cinnamon (right) sing a duet, "Heaven is a Wonderful Place".

    Special thanks to:
    Mom, for teaching me the two parts
    Dad, for getting us the video editer
    Jesus, for dying for our sins so we C...
    katiekinz2011-10-08T23:04:21901 views00:01:05