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Itching Ears
Why is it vital for Scripture to be the foundation for what we believe?

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Father, Please Keep Them Safe This Year



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  • A California Newt
    A California NewtA California Newt that I found on a walk in Briones Regional Park in California. The beauty and wonder of Gods creation is unfathomable and manifests itself in the strangest of ways, even purple newts that walk funny! :)jpmorrow2016-01-17T23:11:4915 views00:00:13
  • Geometric Solids
    Geometric SolidsThese are all the geometric solids I have so far on my Etsy store:

    jpmorrow2014-12-08T20:14:05169 views00:00:42
  • Flaming Dodeca
    Flaming DodecaThe music does not belong to me. It is a song called 'I don't want to set the world on fire', performed by a band called The Ink Spots.

    The video is of a stellated dodecahedron that I made out of paper and decided to set on fire! :)
    jpmorrow2014-07-01T14:10:46285 views00:01:00
  • Celtic Snowflake Animation
    Celtic Snowflake AnimationThis is a Celtic knot shaped like a snowflake that I animated. It took me longer than I thought it would to make it, but here it is.

    Music: Cantus Eatnemen Vuelie, on Cantus Norway's youtube channel.

    Any relationship between ...
    jpmorrow2014-04-25T13:39:17722 views00:00:59
  • Celtic Artwork
    Celtic ArtworkA slideshow of Celtic Artwork.

    Music: Disney's Frozen, opening credits.
    Cantus Eatnemen Vuelie by Frode Fjellheim.
    Cantus Norway, Youtube.

    Artwork: by me, on my deviantart page,
    jpmorrow2014-02-13T12:23:37625 views00:00:24
  • Benny Builds A Snowman
    Benny Builds A SnowmanPublished on Youtube, Mar 23, 2012 with the following description:

    Well here's the next cartoon, I hope you enjoy it! I think I may have rather outdone myself this time. Granted, there is a vast array of little technical details that bo...
    jpmorrow2013-11-13T18:34:07791 views00:00:41
  • Action Figure Test Video
    Action Figure Test VideoFirst uploaded on youtube on Nov 12, 2013:

    I added the muzzle flashes with Microsoft Paint, so this is technically my first foray into computer animation. It is also my first action figure movie on this channel. The sound of his M16 is ...
    jpmorrow2013-11-12T14:24:08485 views00:00:16
  • Wave Experiment
    Wave ExperimentFirst published on Youtube, on Apr 24, 2012, with this description:

    I just wanted to see if I could animate water, 'cause I'm thinking of doing a pirate cartoon. Its out of focus and I only have 4 FPS, but I think if you squint it can s...
    jpmorrow2013-11-11T20:08:56443 views00:00:09
  • Tetracurve Animation
    Tetracurve Animation Uploaded on Youtube on Nov 29, 2011 with this description:

    The shapes used for this movie were carefully handcrafted from paper and white glue. They consist of a pile of stellated tetrahedra or caltrops that I glued together for each f...
    jpmorrow2013-11-11T19:58:03479 views00:00:09
  • Tetracurve Animation 2
    Tetracurve Animation 2 Uploaded to Youtube on Dec 2, 2011 with the following description, (although I no longer have problems with movie maker, it was glitchy at the time):

    Hopefully if I make enough of these little movies I'll be able to cobble it together ...
    jpmorrow2013-11-11T19:44:05411 views00:00:31
  • Strawberry Animation
    Strawberry AnimationFirst published on Youtube, Jul 16, 2012, with this description:

    Here is some delicious stop-motion animation made by cutting successive slices from strawberries. Of course I ate each slice as soon as I was done with it. Like my other m...
    jpmorrow2013-11-11T19:39:05781 views00:00:26
  • Spikey Thing
    Spikey ThingUploaded on Youtube, Nov 16, 2011

    This isn't much of a video. But it was my very first movie I put up on Youtube.
    jpmorrow2013-11-11T19:34:04366 views00:00:07
  • A Morph-Style Movie
    A Morph-Style MoviePublished on youtube Oct 9, 2013 with this description:

    A Morph-like character tries to converse with a silent honey bear. Note: don't have the volume up too high, the sound is a little abrupt and starts partway through. I think my qual...
    jpmorrow2013-11-11T19:24:08466 views00:00:25
  • Sculpey Guy Says Hi
    Sculpey Guy Says HiUploaded to Youtube on Jan 29, 2012 with this description:

    I made a little movie with sculpey clay. He moves with four frames per footstep, at eight frames per second. I hope you like it. I'm still working on my geometric animations fro...
    jpmorrow2013-11-11T19:24:06376 views00:00:08
  • Medieval Lego Guy Versus Skeletons
    Medieval Lego Guy Versus SkeletonsPublished on Youtube, Aug 14, 2012, with this description:

    Well here it is! 8 frames a second, sound effects from Warcraft two, music from Warcraft III. It also has a vague preview of a medieval claymation cartoon that I'm making. I hop...
    jpmorrow2013-11-11T15:59:04540 views00:00:46
  • Mad Shark
    Mad SharkPublished on youtube Feb 12, 2013 with this description:

    This is really amateurish, but at least it should be amusing. It's 8 frames per second, with sound, and features a pirate captain and a shark, battling for supremacy on a tropical...
    jpmorrow2013-11-11T15:44:07601 views00:00:50