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Action Figure Test Video

First uploaded on youtube on Nov 12, 2013:

I added the muzzle flashes with Microsoft Paint, so this is technically my first foray into computer animation. It is also my first action figure movie on this channel. The sound of his M16 is from Counterstrike.

This is my 21st movie. Special thanks to my family and friends for putting up with me, and a big thank you to everyone around the world who have watched my dumb movies!
Oh, and Thank You to the U.S. Military to whom this short video is respectfully dedicated.

My first 20 movies I just messed around and experimented with different kinds of animation, so for the next 20, I plan to finish and make the movies I said in the description I was going to finish and make. After that I plan to come out with something much more professional, I don't want to say what it's about yet, but it will be a high quality series; high frame rate, good characters, with lips that move when they talk, good sets, good lighting, good camara work, and it should be a lot of fun to watch.


Animating movies by hand is very slow work, and so, as an animator I have to plan for the long term, often years ahead. Compared to this, Google and Youtube change the way Youtube functions with alarming rapidity. And these changes are always for the worse. They complicate matters and limit Internet Privacy, and Personal Freedom.

So I am now looking into finding a working alternative to Youtube. I will keep you posted unless Google does
something extremely per

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