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  • Baby Elephant Sneezes
    Baby Elephant Sneezesbaby elephant sneezes. So cute.iluvanimals2010-10-28T16:30:2068,783 views00:00:26
  • Dog Adopts Lion!
    Dog Adopts Lion!so cute. This little dog adopts a lion!iluvanimals2010-10-28T16:30:1712,339 views00:00:55
  • Hey ALAN!
    Hey ALAN!such funny talking animals!iluvanimals2010-10-28T16:30:14142,783 views00:01:29
  • Time To Retire
    Time To RetireWho says that its "doggy dog" world? Heidi the old English Sheepdog collects her well-earned pension at Oracle. Check it out!iluvanimals2010-10-09T09:20:504,228 views00:01:11
  • Jesse The Dog is Super Smart
    Jesse The Dog is Super Smartesse is so smart that he even created a video about his talents... OK, he probably didn't do this himself, but his talents are amazing. He definitely doesn't mind showing off.iluvanimals2010-10-09T09:20:416,216 views00:03:17
  • Dog Rescues Toddler From Snake
    Dog Rescues Toddler From SnakeA family pet risks it all to save a toddler from a rattlesnake. Awesome story!iluvanimals2010-10-02T02:28:386,487 views00:04:26
  • Fisherman Befriends Crocodile
    Fisherman Befriends CrocodileChito, a fisherman befriends Pocho, a 980 pound crocodile, from Costa Rica. Too close for comfort?iluvanimals2010-10-02T02:28:383,417 views00:00:39
  • Airjaws - Whale Carcass
    Airjaws - Whale CarcassA researcher balances on a floating whale carcass to get photos of a Great White feeding frenzyiluvanimals2010-10-02T02:27:022,024 views00:01:32
  • Dancing Merengue Dog
    Dancing Merengue DogWow! Check this video out! Dancing Dog Doing The Merengue. Smartest dog ever!iluvanimals2010-10-02T02:25:593,959 views00:03:09
  • Gator Found in New York Sewer
    Gator Found in New York SewerA baby caiman 'alligator' was spotted climbing out of a Queens sewer before being recovered by animal care and control.iluvanimals2010-10-02T02:25:481,499 views00:01:37
  • Dog Saves Dog
    Dog Saves DogWe've heard that Dogs are man's best friend, but in this video, a dog turns out to be a dog's bet friend too.iluvanimals2010-10-02T02:25:453,480 views00:00:52
  • Rattlesnake Roundup
    Rattlesnake RoundupSnake hunters gather in Swee!#%@er, Texas every year for what is billed as the largest rattlesnake roundup in the world.iluvanimals2010-10-02T02:25:411,460 views00:02:54
  • Summertime Brings More Abandoned Dogs in Israel
    Summertime Brings More Abandoned Dogs in IsraelThis female pup was found several days ago wandering in the streets in a bad state of exhaustion, suffering from hunger and an aggravated skin condition.

    It is now in the dog shelter of the "Let the Animals Live" association, whe...
    iluvanimals2010-10-02T02:25:021,024 views00:03:37
  • Is The Presentation Ready Yet?
    Is The Presentation Ready Yet?Funny video of day at the office, through shark and little fish.iluvanimals2010-10-02T02:24:431,102 views00:01:02
  • DJ Dog
    DJ DogThis little french bulldog has been paying close attention to what his owner does, and shows off his DJ skills for the world to see!iluvanimals2010-10-02T02:23:371,513 views00:00:39
  • The Cruelty Behind Tiger Farming
    The Cruelty Behind Tiger FarmingTiger farming is a disgusting practice of keeping tigers locked up in horrible conditions to be used later and killed for their fur, bones, and body parts. Tiger parts have been used in Chinese medicines, wines, and other things for ages, and tige...iluvanimals2010-10-02T02:23:35982 views00:04:07

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